After the mysterious giant appeared everyone fled the village, you are the only one left. Use your agile body to dodge the giant's attacks and get on top of his body. If you make a noise by falling from a high place, you'll only lure him.

Warning: crappy, barely-working game prototype made during a jam; lower expectations

Use WASD + SPACE + MOUSE to walk/climb. G to scream and attract the giant. Additionaly use F to toggle freecam mode. There is no particular goal, just have fun with the movement and giant AI.

Made for the AI and Games Jam 2021. Godot Engine source code available in the download section for anyone interested in my jam-spaghetti.

Music: 弔い合戦 (Mourning battle) - Next Arco Recordings


GIAnt fight.exe 44 MB
Godot Engine source code 8 MB


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i ike this game

Do you still have the source code for this game?

I do

I want to experiment more with this game. Is it okay if you send that source code to me (or post it somewhere) so that I can learn from and experiment with it?


I have added the source code to the downloads. You can do whatever you want with it, if you can manage to wrap your head around it.